1 When Swift Dam broke on June 8, a massive wall of water flooded the tiny creek, killing residents who lived along Birch Creek.

2 Naomi “Omi” Crawford’s home: Crawford heard the dam break, and the water roar down the creek. Her cousin, Ethel New Breast, drowned along with Ethel’s husband and daughter. Watch the video

3 Webb Pepion house, which was swept away by Birch Creek floodwaters. Pepion lost his house and cattle herd in the flood, but he lived in a tent with his family the following winter and rebuilt his home. Watch the video

4 Site of homes of New Breasts, Eloise England, Tom Hall and others who lost family members when Swift Dam (aka Birch Dam) collapsed. Gerald Cooper rescued his niece, Caroline, from the flood. Watch the video

5 Floyd Rider’s flood home. He received this temporary “flood home” after losing home in flood. Watch the video

6 Floyd Takes Gun’s home. This is where he and his brother rescued people on horseback. Watch the video

7 Blackfeet Community College. Archival material on the Blackfeet flood. View online documents here

8 Kenny, Winslow and Bill: Site of family homestead along the Two Medicine River. For the cousins, the flood signaled the end of a way of life. Watch the video

9 Site of Art and Papoose’s attempt to rescue Rhonda Grant Connelly’s family. Watch the video

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