Haunted by Flood Memories

Lifelong friends Art and Papoose were in their early twenties when the events of the flood called on them to rescue neighbors trapped in the rising waters of Two Medicine River on June 8, 1964. While they helped save some people from the waters, they remain haunted by the people they could not reach. This is a introduction to their story, which stretches more than a half-century.

2 thoughts on “Haunted by Flood Memories

  1. Anonymous says:

    I helped a couple little girls while on a summer youth program at the boarding school…Lola and Carla Wippert were my two charges. The older girls had to care for younger/smaller ones. We got out okay and back to Browning. I later went to the High School gymnasium and assisted with making sandwiches, feeding people who had lost their homes, etc. We also made sandwiches for the searchers during that time…>Red Cross was at the gym<

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